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AmigaOS Amithlon for x86 bootable v1.4 new kernel updated
Applications > Other OS
401.96 MiB (421486829 Bytes)
amithlon amiga amigaos
2018-05-13 21:04:47 GMT

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Read README.txt first and aminet docs/help/ instructions
Original source and topic:
Amithlon bootable iso v1.4 by Alpyre (All credits to him)
What's new? :
- Added new RESCUE (liveCD) options to Boot Menu:
- Legacy Kernel (Bernd Meyer's original Amithlon kernels)
- Kernel 3.10 (Gary Colville kernels used in previous distributions)
- Kernel 4b + SATA (linux- Milan's SATA supported kerneli) (1)
- In the "AmigaOS3.9 + BB2 + All Updates + Third Party Software" setup:
- Some unnecessary files have been deleted.
- Some System and MUI libraries have been replaced with the most 
recent versions. New versions of some ROM-based system libraries, which offer 
"unofficial" but quite performance advantages, have been added since testing 
for stability for a few months.
- Programs have been replaced with more recent versions. New programs 
were established (SabreMSN, GrafX2, Scout etc.) (2)
- The defects in the icon set are complete.
- Fixed some problems with MUI.
- Fixed a problem with PNG datatype.
- Images. Many missing PNG-Icon files have been completed, desktop 
versions that are JPG in the old version, and pixelated when resized, have 
been reworked in high resolution in PNG format.
- Improvements were made in E-UAELoad. (3)
- Fixed problems with the SAS / C distribution in the "Programs" tray 
and updated the latest release successfully (v6.58).
- File security. The most important innovation is the LHA version. The 
LHA version used in the old setup is corrupt when open some files in the 
grayscale. With the new version, this issue has been removed. The corrupted 
files were replaced by their robust.
- DiskImageDevice. DiskImageDevice, which is present in the previous 
version but does not work, has been run for a long time and integrated with 
E-UAELoad (4). If you double-click an ADF file in this version, it will be 
executed with E-UAE custom chipset emulation if the file is a bootable disk 
image. If it is not bootable, it will be mounted with DiskImageDevice

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